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The economy of Morobe Province is robust, growing at an average of 2.7 percent per annum.  The economy in Morobe is better than it has been for many years related to the development of new gold mines, new fisheries projects, new agricultural projects like oil palm and new government initiatives such as district treasuries. The rural Morobe is endowed with rich natural resources and diverse flora and fauna.  Traditional economic activities are coffee, cocoa, cattle, logging, while the emerging activities are; gold, copper, tuna fishing, oil.  Lae being the second biggest city is the industrial centre of Papua New Guinea and is where the largest export port in PNG is located.
Business investments in Lae are mostly controlled by members of the Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industries.  The business activities they engaged in are; mechanizing, wholesale, cartaging, hotel industries, real estate, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, banking, legal, accountings and business consultancy, electrical works, building, shipping, airlines industries, motor vehicle and fuels.  

The economic prospects for Lae in the next couple of years will be boasted by the mining activities in the two potential mines in Bulolo district; the Hamata and Hidden Valley and Wafi Golpu Gold and Copper mines.  These mines will be mined by Morobe Mining Joint Ventures Ltd and the tuna industries by Frabelle (PNG) Ltd.  Palm Oil is another potential investment now emerging.  Tourism development is untapped and has great potential for prospects.

Lae and Morobe Province contributes immensely to the economy of Papua New Guinea and will continue in many years ahead.  Increase economic activity and population growth makes Lae the most ideal place in Papua New Guinea to invest.  

New Eriku Commercial Offices and Retail Complex
Enviromental Control at Mining Site

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