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Issues facing the Morobe Province include:
  • The population of the province comprises of more younger people than matured and economically active aged people.  This imples that 80% of the population is dependend on only 20% of the population for survival.
  • The populaion growth rate is 2.8%which is higher than than other developing countries.
  • More spaces in classrooms are required to eduate an increaing young population.
  • Increase health facilites are needed.
  • Increased trained staff for classrooms and health facilites are needed.
  • HIV/Aids and other health issues are increasing.
  • Increasing illiteate population.
  • Lack of income per capital.
  • Deteiorating roads and institulational facilites.
  • Increased prices of goods and services.
  • Increased urban drift and rising squatter settlement issues leading to social disorder


HIV AIDS and health related issues is a concern for the MPG


Road Maintenance is a concern for the MPG

Morobe Provincial Government
P.O. Box 1834, Lae
Phone: 473-1600 Fax: 472-4745